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Some time back, I received a few requests from my readers for writing an Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan for Lactose Intolerance. In recent times, intolerance to lactose has become extremely common. When the small intestine of a child or adult is unable to digest lactose, they are said to be intolerant to lactose. Lactose is a carbohydrate and it is one of the main components of milk. It is also found in other dairy products such as yogurt, butter, ice cream and cheese in varying amounts.

Many small children are unable to consume regular packaged milk or any other dairy products right from birth. While many adults develop an intolerance for lactose later in life. People who have been drinking milk regularly can also become lactose intolerant all of a sudden. Although we do not have concrete evidence to prove this, it could possibly be due to the supply of synthetic milk and adulteration of milk in the market. Read on to know more about Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan for Lactose Intolerance.

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What causes Lactose Intolerance?

The most common cause of lactose intolerance is a deficiency of lactase in the body. Lactase deficiency can be caused due to a number of reasons such as:
• Heredity
• Genetic fault
• Decreased production of lactase in the body
• Problems in the small intestine
• Gastroenteritis
• Chemotherapy
• Celiac disease
• Ulcerative colitis
• Taking too many antibiotics
• Inflammation of the stomach lining
• Developmental lactase deficiency – Mostly occurs in premature babies

How do you know you suffer from Lactose Intolerance?

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Lactose intolerance symptoms may begin anywhere between half an hour to two hours after consuming milk and milk products. You must consult your doctor if you notice the following symptoms:
• Pain and cramps in the lower abdomen
• Gas
• Bloating
• Nausea and vomiting
• Loose stools
• Rumbling and gurgling sounds in the tummy

One must remember that these symptoms are also seen when you have an upset stomach. If you notice these symptoms particularly every time after consuming milk, only then your body is intolerant to lactose.

The Forbidden Foods; List of foods to avoid if you are Lactose Intolerant

People who are lactose intolerant must avoid the following foods that contain a high amount of lactose:
1. Plain Milk, Milkshakes and milk-based beverages
2. Milk-based puddings, desserts, porridge, and custard
3. Ice cream
4. Yogurt
5. Cream, cream in pastries/cakes, sauces, and soups, coffee cream
6. Butter
7. Cheese – ricotta, feta, and cottage cheese
8. Salads and snacks dressed in cream or yogurt

Don’t worry about the above-mentioned food list. If you are a foodie and you really wish to gain weight, there are ample food options available in the market for today’s Lactose intolerant person. you can now replace dairy milk with soya milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. These varieties of milk can also be used for making preparations like Latte, smoothies, and milkshakes. How to include and when o include these items in your daily schedule is mentioned in the below given Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan for Lactose Intolerance

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It isn’t easy to gain weight without milk products in the diet. Young children are fussy eaters and if milk and milk products are omitted from their diet, it becomes all the more difficult to gain weight. But dont worry here is a detailed Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan for Lactose Intolerance that will help you in reaching your weight gain goals.

Food ItemAmountCaloriesProtein (gms )
Early Morning
SoyaMilk (Add 2 tsp lactose-free protein powder )1 glass2508
+Egg whites or Banana2 or 2110 or 808 or 1
+ Soaked Almonds10 gm (6-7 pcs)503
Vegetable stuffed paratha, Aloo (potato ) sabji23506
1 Katori1003
Or Masala Dosa, Sambar, Chutney2, 2 cups,1 spoon
200+100+503 + 6
Or mung dal chilla (pan cake ) with or without tofu stuffing2 2508
Or Omelet, Toasted bread2 eggs6 bread slices160+3008 +4
Groundnut chikki / Dry Fruit chikki3-4 pcs1508
Roasted Soybean / Almondshandful1507
Sprout salad1 cup1006
Or chicken soup1 bowl1006
Chapati2 (medium with ghee)2003
Veg (potato/ cauliflower/ cabbage/ ladyfinger / bottlegourd/ ridge gourd/ brinjal etc)2 cups1501
Dal / legumes (soybean / moth/ mung etc)1 cup1505
Rice / biryani / pulav (veg / non veg)1 cup1502
Tea / Coffee (without milk)1 cup1001
Groundnut chikki / DryFruit chikki3-4 pcs1508
Roasted Soybean / Almondshand full1507
Dinner same as lunch75018
Late night
Soya Milk (Add 2 tsp lactose-free protein powder )1 glass2508
+ Soaked Almonds10 gm (6-7 pcs)503
Please Note:

The above mentioned Indian Weight Gain Diet Plan for Lactose Intolerance is a general diet plan for reference of lactose intolerant individuals. If you have Celiac disease or any other food allergy along with lactose intolerance, the above-mentioned diet may not suit you. If you need any help kindly let us know in the comments and we will guide you accordingly.

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If you are still worried about gaining weight, here are a few tips that can help to gain weight without worrying about lactose in the diet:

1. Look for healthy alternatives

You cannot have milk but that doesn’t mean that you can’t drink milk. There are many other varieties of milk that are available in the market which are free of lactose. Soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk are all safe options which are free of lactose. You can easily prepare shakes and smoothies using these lactose-free varieties of milk. Shakes and smoothies help to gain weight. In fact, many brands that produce cow milk also make the milk undergo processing which makes the milk up to 0.001% lactose-free.

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2. Add lean proteins to your diet

Since milk is one of the best sources of milk, you can add other lean proteins to your diet in the absence of milk. Stay away from red meats since it is a good source of protein but can also increase blood cholesterol. Eating lean protein sources is one of the best ways to gain weight. Some lean protein sources are beans, tofu, chicken breast, lean beef, and tuna fish.

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3. Cook food in olive oil

Use olive oil for cooking dry vegetables and when you need to sauté vegetables. Olive oil is a really healthy oil since it provides various nutrients to the body and in addition to that, it also gives you the much-needed calories. You can dress your salads in olive oil instead of mayonnaise. Other than olive oil one can also use canola oil and grape seed oil.

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4. Eat cereals and bread that have more calories

Opt for cereals and bread that are healthy and contain more calories over low-calorie bread. 100% whole wheat bread is one of the best options. Another calorie dense bread and cereals include granola, brown rice, bran muffins, whole grain cereals, whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat bagels.

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5. Consume dry fruits and nuts

Dry fruits and nuts contain lots of calories and are also high on antioxidants. You must make it a point to consume a handful of nuts every day in order to gain weight. Add assorted handful containing cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, and Brazil nuts. You can also have some peanut butter with bread or toss some cashew nuts in a pan with a teaspoon of oil for a great taste.

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6. Incorporate coconut milk in your diet

Another lactose-free substitute of cow milk is coconut milk or almond milk which can help to add a great flavor to your dishes. High on calories, its solid form can help you with all those recipes that require whipped cream. You can add it to a soup or prepare your morning coffee using it.

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7. Indulge in hummus

Hummus is a yummy spread which is prepared using chickpeas. It is lactose-free and contains lots of calories along with healthy fats. Team it up with your chips or just spread it on a slice of bread. You can also eat some hummus with your salads.

8. Pour honey on your dishes

Add honey to your drinks and snacks. Not only is it a healthy substitute for sugar, but it is also calorie dense and loaded with nutrients. It possesses antibacterial properties and adds a great taste to various dishes. Just drizzle some over your smoothie or add a teaspoon to almond milk.

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Eat six small meals a day and monitor your weight regularly. You definitely don’t want to go overboard! hope thisIndian Weight Gain Diet Plan for Lactose Intolerance helps you meet your health goal. Please feel free to ask us your queries in the comment section.


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